Guy "Moose" McSyrup


Guy “Moose” McSyrup is a 38 year old white man with gray eyes and blonde hair, standing at 6’2".


Born on a peaceful hive world, Tundrus, Guy was among the highly ranked and regarded in the Imperial forces stationed there. A surprise attack erupted on Tundrus and Guy acted quickly to gather as many civilians as possible and evacuate. The peaceful culture on Tundrus left a lack of defense needed to combat the heretical incursion. After his retreat to a more militarily dense sector, Guy found himself under scrutiny and inquiry and on the edge of execution, but was saved from the sentence by a Rogue Trader, Lord Durksimus. Durksimus gave Guy a proposition: work for him and be freed from the firing squad or die as a deserter.

Guy "Moose" McSyrup

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