James Gona

Genatorum Mechanic


James stand 6’2" and is a muscular man from his many years of hard labor in the Lightbringer’s Genatorum. He wears Thermal Armor with built in blast goggles and, when the Lightbringer is boarded, carried a Lathe-Pattern Boarding Gun and autopistol that’s stored in his personnel locker.


James Gona is a Genatorum Mechanic on the The Lightbringer under Lord Terian Wilhelm Maximus von Korgal. He has been inducted into the most lesser mysteries of the machine cult to carry out his duty, but is not a tech-priest himself.
He came to the attention of his master when it was learned he had an exceptional, some would even say unnatural, talent for mimicking people and sounds after only a few minutes exposure to them.

James Gona

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