Juan Carlos Guacamole

The Faithful Navigator of this Fine Vessel, Guilliman's Herald(istan)



Juan Carlos Jesus Sanchez Manuel Hernandez Del Guacamole III

A somewhat stocky 6’0" tall brown-skinned gentleman with a strong accent. He is sixty-nine years of age currently.


Juan Carlos Jesus Sanchez Manuel Hernandez Del Guacamole III (generally referred to simply as “Juan Carlos Guacamole”) is a navigator from the Imperium hive world of Ocixem. He is a faithful servant to the Emperor first, and Lord Durksimus second.

Juan Carlos was born in Anaujit, a hive city in the massive hive world of Ocixem. Juan’s great great great great uncle Jesus Manuel Guacamole owns the entire city, and the entire Guacamole family is extremely wealthy. Jesus Manuel is approximately 400 years old. He does not approve of Juan Carlos’ life choices, as Juan Carlos’ great-great-grandfather stole money from him to support the Durkismus dynasty.

Juan Carlos Guacamole’s father (Juan Carlos Guacamole Jr.,) grandfather (Juan Carlos Guacamole Sr.,) great-grandfather (Jorge Garcia Guacamole Jr.,) and great-great-grandfather (Jorge Garcia Guacamole Sr.) all faithfully served the Durksimus dynasty and the Emperor as Navigators.

Juan Carlos Guacamole

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