The Void Master of the Gulliman's Herald


Around 5’10 and Pale, Mord has a slight frame along with white -unhealthy looking hair and grey eyes


Mord was born on a Imperial Navy Battlefleet and was taught to have a healthy amount of caution towards most of the mechanicus.
Battlefleet Oranos, his birthplace and home fleet was almost completely decimated, destroyed over Thantas IV in an engagement with a Separatist alliance of Planets and Mord only narrowly avoided wasting away in the void suit he managed to dawn shortly before the ship split apart.
Mord was then after given to the Gulliman’s Herald as a void master in a deal to gather experienced crew between Admiral Tim and Durksimus.

Mord life as a part of a battlefleet taught him to have a healthy respect for life, as it can be ripped away quickly and without mercy. This tendency causes him to be almost jovial with the crew, who he generally associates with, in his desire to enjoy what life he has although he has also grown an almost sociopathic disregard when those same crew members end up dead.


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