The Durksimus Dynasty

The Durksimus Dynasty is a long and ancient dynasty with its origins in the Age of Rebirth, with a warrant signed by Roubte Guilliman himself as Lord Commander of the Imperium. It’s early, and even mid-history is shrouded in myth and legend, and none know how they came to obtain such a prized warrant or the Great Crusade era cruiser, the Guilliman’s Herald, but the family tale passed down in the Durksimus family says that it was a reward to a general who acquitted himself well in the Scouring and given the warrant and the ship as a reward from the grateful Primarch,

At its height in late early M40, the Durksimus dynasty was fantastically wealthy, with a great fleet of ships and securing a treaty of mutual cooperation with the famed Guacamole navigator house in 451.M39. In 371.M41, Muhammad Abdullah Durksimus died and the successor, Khalid, was young and the Keksimus family protested. During the Coronation ceremony, the Keksimus ambsuhed the Durksimus and only Khalid and his brother escaped, fleeing the uprising in the Guilliman’s Herald and after escaping in the Light Cruiser Eternal Endeavor, plotted their revenge. The Keksimus dynasty, with great fortune but little renown to the new name, sold off much of the assets of the Durksimus Dynasty to build a massive armada and armies, to win renown by claiming an entirely new sector of Space in the Emperor’s name. The result was disastrous, Orkz and Chaos warlords destroyed the fleet and the colonies they founded demolishing the family’s wealth. The Durksimus were forgotten as a dynasty usurped, and the Keksimus won no renown for themselves.
In 495.M41, as the Guilliman’s Herald limped into port for recrew and repairs from the disastrous enterprise, the Durksimus brothers ambushed the ship and drove the Keksimus off the family’s heirloom. Upon reclaiming the ship, dynasty and remaining wealth however, they found that the Keksimus had made off with a treasure of no less value than the warrant or the Herald, the Zulfiqar, the blade of the Durksimus dynasty – given to them, according to legend, by the Primarch of old. Shortly thereafter, Ali Ibn Durksimus and the Eternal Endeavor set off on their own to chase down the Keksimus Dynasty and the Zalfiqar. The fate of Ali Durksimus and Abu Bakr Keksimus were unknown until 504.M41.

Group Assets:
The Durksimus Dynasty Warrant of Trade
Guilliman’s Herald
The Chariot of Saint Ivery
The Unwavering Will
Rights to the Virdian System
A Rhino
A Leman Russ Vanquisher
A Leman Russ Executioner
A Hydra Flak Tank
20 Melta Bombs
499 krak. 499frag grenades
2 Bolt Pistols
400 Triplex lasguns
15 Meltaguns
2 Mole Mortars
2 Assault Landers (200 people each, one tank removes room for 15 people)
3 Aquila Landers
2 Belasco Duelling Pistols
Stub Pistol with Expander Rounds
Plasma Gun
Power Sword
100 Splinter Rifles and Kabalite Armor looted off of boarders.
100 Tau Pulse Rifles
Good Quality Enforcer Light Carapace without helmet
A palace on Holt IV with staff and small house guard
Enough regular lasguns/shotguns and flak armor to equip most of the crew.
Void Coffer
Teleport Homer
Four Incubus Klaives and two damaged Incubus Warsuits.
Archeotech Grenade
Archeotech Vinyl Record
200 Stormtroopers
2100 Mercenaries with lasguns/flak armor

Ecclesiarchy Colony in the Atreides System Size 1
Complacency 3, Productivity 3, Order 3, Piety, 2, size 1
Cardinal Rodgo Manera
PF 4

Research Colony in the Rakis System Size 1
Complacency 3, Productivity 3, Order 1, Piety 1, Size 1,
Judge Retan Illerva

On Display in the Dining Room:
Splinter Rifle
Incubus Warsuits

The Durksimus Dynasty

The Durksimus Dynasty rlm2370