Guilliman's Herald

Guilliman’s Herald is an ancient Ambition Class Cruiser said to have been built during the Great Crusade, and served a Rogue Trader who scouted ahead for one of the expedition fleets of the Ultramarines during the Great Crusade, giving the ship its name.
How it came to be in the hands of the Durksimus Dynasty is unknown.

The Guilliman’s Herald only has all hands active during combat situations, be it space battles or planetary invasion. Otherwise is it split into two twelve hour shifts during routine space flight or warp travel. The crew works for 12 hours and has 12 hours to themselves. Often, it is split into one hour before shift start for showers, breakfast and dressing, the 12 hour shift, and then 3 hours for down time before eight hours of sleep. Lunch and Dinner is done during the 12 hour shift in small groups at a station master’s discretion, with Armsmen in the mess halls ensuring no crewmember takes too long to get their food and eat.

The Chief Confessor keeps the cathedral open from one hour before a shift change to three hours after, for a total of eight hours a day, so that crewman have enough time to attend mass (though some in the far corners of the ship don’t often make it.)

Travel throughout the ship is severely restricted, and most crewmen can’t leave their area unless headed directly for the cathedral and back.

Speed 6
Maneuverability +12
Sensors +15
Hull Integrity 66/13
Armor 17
Turret Rating 3
Space 75/8
Power: 75/9
Machine Spirit: Adventurous; when in endeavor, +10 detection. When not in endeavor, -10 detection
Morale: 62 (116 max)
Crew: 44

Modified Jovian Pattern Plasma Drive
Miloslav Warp Engine: Haste Of the Damned: Reduce warp travel duration by half, encounters every 3 days
Warpsbane Hull: Any navigation to pilot the ship bonus of 10, roll twice on the warp encounter table
Teleportarium: Can make hit and run attacks without taking a piloting test. +20 command test when making hit and run
Ancient Life Sustainer: Increase morale permanently by 2. Reduces crew losses from non combat by 1 factor. Spiffy ship
Ship Master’s Bridge: All piloting and navigation: +5, ballistic for shipboard weapons +10
Voidsman Quarters
MK201.B Augur Array: +5 detection
Prow Titanforge Lance Battery: Strength 2, 1d10
+4 dmg, Crit Rating: 3
Mars Pattern Macro Cannon (4): Strength 6, 1d10
+3 dmg, Crit Rating: 5
Vaulted Ceilings: +5 morale permanently
Multiple Void Shield Array: 2 void shields
Temple-Shrine to the God Emperor
Main Cargo Hold
Medicae Deck
Best-Quality Munitorum that is Indestructible
Flak Turrets


Guilliman's Herald

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